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Notary Services

Like most legal documents, it's important to make sure that all parties involved in a real estate closing are bound by them. This would require a notary public. In addition to expert real estate consulting, Worldwide Realty Inc provides notary services. Instead of hiring someone from outside of the company to notarize your documents, which can be time consuming and costly, we’ll make sure the paperwork process is efficient.

We’ll help you ensure that identification is correct, signatures are verified, and all legally binding documentation is accurate. We also provide escrow services and specialize in residential income services. Anyone who needs to find a notary or a real estate agent in Torrance, CA should contact Worldwide Realty Inc. Whether you're looking for investment worth apartment buildings, or you're just looking for a reliable and experience real estate broker, Worldwide Realty Inc is ready to provide you with professional and high quality service.

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